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Jazzy® EVO 613 Series

Break Down Barriers with the Jazzy® EVO 613 and Jazzy® EVO 613 Li

Image of the Jazzy Evo 613 power wheelchair against a white background.

Jazzy® EVO 613 and Jazzy® EVO 613 Li

The Jazzy® EVO 613 and Jazzy® EVO 613 Li are some of our most popular standard Group 2 power wheelchairs. The Jazzy EVO 613 series provides you with the freedom to navigate small spaces and tight corners indoors with a narrow base width of only 22"! It features the patented Active-Trac Suspension and exclusive Mid-Wheel 6® Technology that provides you with a smooth, stable ride. Upgrade to the Jazzy EVO 613 Li for a lithium iron phosphate battery that provides longer life, more convenient charging and sustained power performance.

Some Features Include:

  • Maximum speed up to 5.1 mph
  • 13” mid-wheel drive tires
  • Narrow base width of only 22”
  • Removable matte-finish color-through shrouds
  • Access to the controller and batteries without the user needing to exit the chair
  • Depth-adjustable, limited recline, memory foam single seat post allows the user to swivel
  • Pride’s patented Active-Trac® (ATX) Suspension
  • Mid-Wheel 6® Technology

Learn more about the Medicare-reimbursable Jazzy® EVO 613 series by checking out the product within our catalog.

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Infographic of the Jazzy EVO 613 power wheelchair with features listed.


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