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Quantum Q1450 power wheelchair base

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The Quantum Q1450 is a front-wheel-drive bariatric power wheelchair. Its innovative design and impressive performance are benchmarks of Pride Mobility products. Learn more here!  View more

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Why We Love the Quantum Q1450 Power Wheelchair Base

The Quantum Q1450 is one of the best bariatric power wheelchairs on the market. Though, we always expect top-notch power chairs from Pride Mobility.

We love the Q1450 for a few reasons, mainly:

  • Tight space maneuverability

  • Front-wheel drive is great for clients weighing 451-600 lbs.

  • Tons of compatible seating and electronics options

FDA Class II Medical Device

Quantum Q1450 Features & Benefits

  • 600 lbs. Weight capacity

  • Maximum speed up to 4.5 MPH

  • High-performance, high-efficiency motor package

  • Swing-arm independent motor suspension

  • Pivot transfer with proper foot placement

Compatible Seating:

  • TRU-Balance® HD Power Tilt

  • Contoured Seating

Optional Features

  • TRU-Balance 2 HD Power Tilt

  • Manual and Power Elevating Leg Rests

  • Comfort seating

  • Q-Logic 3 EX and Q-Logic 3e controllers

Quantum Q1450 Colors

  • Red Corvette

  • Electric Blue

  • Evolution Orange

  • Back in Black

  • Pretty in Pink


Quantum Q1450 Specifications

Drive Wheels 14" Solid
Caster Wheels 9" Solid
Anti-Tip Wheels 4" Solid
Maximum Speed Up to 4.5 mph
Ground Clearance 1.5" (anti-tip wheels)
Turning Radius 26.5"
Overall Length 38.25" without foot riggings
Base Width 29.25"
Seating Size - Synergy/Static W: 20-32" D: 20-28"
Seating Size - Power Tilt W: 20-32" D: 20-28"
Seating Size - Lift & Tilt N/A
Seat-to-Floor Height - Synergy/Static 16.5-18.5"
Seat-to-Floor Height - Power Tilt 19.5-20.5"
Seat-to-Floor Height - Life & Tilt N/A
Battery Weight 52 lbs.
Battery Charger 8A Off-board
Motor Packages 4-pole 4.5 mph
Weight capacity 600 lbs.
Base Weight 195 lbs.
Battery Size Group 24

Quantum Q1450 Warranty Information

Main frame, fixed-position seat post Lifetime Limited
Charger assembly, controller, joystick Two-Year Limited
Motor/gearbox assembly & power seat actuator 18-Month Limited
Bearings & Bushings Six-Month Limited
Batteries One-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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