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Quantum Edge® X Power Wheelchair Base

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The Quantum Edge®2.0 X is an impressive power wheelchair base. It accepts a wide range of custom seating and electronics options for your smoothest, most responsive ride ever.  View more

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Why We Love the Q6 Edge® 2.0 X Power Wheelchair Base

The Q6 Edge®2.0 X is a top contender in the power wheelchair space. Designed for active users, the Edge®2.0 X is compatible with many seating and electronics options.

Pair the Q6 Edge®2.0 X with TRU-Balance 3 Positioning, Contoured seating, or Synergy seating. If you like additional technology, you can add on Q-Logic 3 Advanced Drive Controls and Bluetooth! Want to be a bit more mobile? The Q6 Edge®2.0 X is also compatible with iLevel® technology.

FDA Class II Medical Device

Q6 Edge® 2.0 X Features & Benefits

Standard Features

  • 6.25 MPH programmable motors

  • 8A off-board charger

  • Q-Logic 3 EX Drive Controls

  • LED fender lights

  • USB charging port

  • Push handles (K0848/K0856/K0861 only)

  • Depth-adjustable high-back seat (K0849 only)

Compatible Seating:

Optional Features

  • 4" wide flat-free knobby extended traction tires

  • Center-mount foot platform (K0848/K0856/K0861 only)

  • Swing-away footrests

  • Attendant control (K0856/K0861 only)

  • Q-Logic 3 Access module (K0856/K0861 only)

  • iLevel® option allows 12" of seat elevation while at walking speed (3.5 mph)

  • TRU-Balance® 3 Seating

  • TRU-Comfort 2 Seating

  • Trilogy vent tray

  • Compact vent tray

  • LED full lighting package

  • Accu-Trac Advanced Tracking Technology

Q6 Edge® 2.0 X Colors

  • Pretty in Pink

  • Green Machine

  • Lemon Crush

  • Deep Purple

  • Evolution Orange

  • Electric Blue

  • Red Corvette

  • White Satin

  • Grey Street

  • Midnight Blue

  • Night Train

  • Back in Black

  • Military Green

Q6 Edge® 2.0 X Specifications

Drive Wheels (Standard) 14" Solid
Drive Wheels (Optional) 14" Pneumatic
Front Caster Wheels 6" Solid
Rear Caster Wheels 6" Solid
Anti-Tip Wheels N/A
Maximum Speed Up to 6 .25 mph
Ground Clearance 2.7" (battery tray)
Turning Radius 20.5"
Overall Length 32.23"
Base Width 24.4"
Seating Size - Synergy/Static W: 10-22" D: 10-22"
Seating Size - Power Tilt W: 12-22" D: 12-22"
Seating Size - Lift & Tilt W: 12-22" D: 14-22"
Seat-to-Floor Height - Synergy 15.875-20.875"
Seat-to-Floor Height - Static 16.5-18.5"
Seat-to-Floor Height - Power Tilt 17.5-19.5"
Seat-to-Floor Height - Lift & Tilt 17.5-19.5"
Manual Tilt/Recline Yes
Battery Size NF-22
Battery Weight 38 lbs.
Battery Charger 8A Off-board
Motor Packages Two pole, Mid-Wheel 6
Weight capacity 300 lbs.
Base Weight 138.6 lbs.

Q6 Edge® 2.0 Warranty Information

Main frame, fixed-position seat post Lifetime Limited
Charger assembly, controller, joystick Two-Year Limited
Motor/gearbox assembly, power seat actuator 18-Month Limited
Bearings and bushings Six-Month Limited
Batteries One-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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