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JAY® J3™ Backrest

The most versatile JAY back for all shapes, sizes, and lifestylesThe JAY® J3™ backrest product line offers a multitude of width, height, and contour depth back shells to fit the back to the client. Each back is lightweight and adjustable, with numerous hardware choices allowing for easy installation. NEW! CradleU Lateral and Whitmyer® Headrest Options Designed for clients with postural or spinal deviations - including wider trunks and narrow hips, narrow trunks and wider hips, or curvatures - the NEW CradleU Lateral reshapes the existing contour of the off-the-shelf J3 back to match the client. The CradleU adjusts the contour by attaching directly to the J3 back shell beneath the foam, while the support plates adjust in angle to match the user's torso. The CradleU's intuitive design provides seamless support that minimizes interference with propulsion.Also new to the J3 back are the Whitmyer Heads Up™ and Adjust-a-PLUSH headrest pads and LINX and ONYX headrest mounts! Three Contour DepthsThe Jay J3's solid shell is available in three contour depths to provide posterior and lateral pelvic and lateral thoracic stability to clients with varying postures and functional needs.• Posterior - 2.2" of lateral thoracic support• Posterior & Lateral - 3" of lateral thoracic support• Posterior & Deep Lateral - 6" of lateral thoracic support• Posterior & Deep Contour - 6" of lateral pelvic supportFour Support Height LevelsThe JAY J3 back is available in four support height levels to provide support for clients with wide ranges of torso heights and levels of injury.• Lower Thoracic - 6.5" to 9.5"• Mid Thoracic - 12" to 15"• Upper Thoracic - 16.5" to 19.5"• Shoulder - 21" to 24" The J3's hardware offers angle and width adjustability to improve visual orientation and function. Five options are available to accommodate a spectrum of client priorities and wheelchair configurations.• 2-point (Standard or Extended) - easy to install, quick-release hardware that allows for numerous attaching positions• 4-point (Standard or Extended) - quick-release hardware that withstands greater force by distributing across four mounting locations• Lite Mount (pictured at right) - fixed hardware for a rigid mount that adds only .61 lbs.©2014 Sunrise Medical Inc. Used with permission.

Width Range 12" to 26"
Height (Lower Thoracic) 6.5", 8", 9.5"
Height (Mid Thoracic) 12", 13.5", 15"
Height (Upper Thoracic) 16.5", 18", 19.5"
Height (Shoulder Height) 21", 22.5", 24"
Product weight 1.7 lbs. and up (without hardware)
Weight Capacity (12" to 20" Widths) 300 lbs.
Weight Capacity (22" to 26" Widths) 500 lbs.
Hardware Options 2
Hardware Angle Adjustability 22 degrees
Hardware Width Adjustability +2"
Wheelchair Frame Tubing Compatibility 3/4" to 1 1/8"
Headrest Mount Available Yes
Lateral Contour Support (Posterior) 2.2"
Lateral Contour Support (Posterior & Lateral) 3"
Lateral Contour Support (Posterior & Deep Lateral) 6"
Foam Insert 1 1/2" Soft Foam
Outer Cover Spacer Fabric and Lycra® Stretch Outer Layer

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