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Our Repair Service

Need repairs or adjustments? Our service team will come right to your door. That means 100% less hassle for you!

You’ve gone through The Process to obtain your Complex Rehab power or manual wheelchair through Freedom Mobility Center; you’re more mobile than ever before, meeting your appointments and getting around your house with ease; and then it happens. The batteries stop holding a charge, the joystick is acting up, or you notice your tire's tread has worn bald. What do you do when your newfound mobility breaks down? You call your friends at Freedom Mobility Center! Even if your power wheelchair was provided by another company, we can help you!


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Call 1-800-980-5696 option 3

What good is a customized power wheelchair if no one’s there to fix it when it stops working? We pride ourselves on the belief that your continued mobility and well-being is the foundation of our success. Years ago, when insurance coverage cutbacks and tightening documentation requirements drove so many power wheelchair companies to close their repair departments, we dug in our heels and EXPANDED our repair department. Why? Because we know that mobility is an ongoing battle and we’re here to make sure you succeed.

Curious about how the repair process works? Let’s lay out the steps:


To request repair service, ask your physician to fax a prescription to 510-722-2263. The Rx should read “Power (or Manual) Wheelchair Repair” and list your diagnoses. Although a prescription is not required for parts under warranty, labor is not typically covered under most manufacturer warranties. Therefore if paying for your repair with insurance, it's important to get an Rx to prevent from being billed for labor when not covered by the manufacturer.

Intake & Eligibility:

Once we receive a prescription from your doctor, our Intake Coordinator will call you to discuss the issues you’re experiencing with your wheelchair. Once your insurance eligibility and benefits have been verified, your service request will be sent to our scheduling staff who will contact you to schedule an in-home Diagnostic on our next route in your area. To fit with your schedule and ours, this step may take 2 - 14 days.

Diagnostic & Repair:

The day of your appointment. Our skilled repair technician will meet you at your home to diagnose the issues with your wheelchair. Minor repairs can usually be performed on the spot. However if a part needs to be special ordered, a detailed diagnostic report will be generated and sent back to our repair center. Major overhauls, modifications, and/or more complex repair issues may require us to pick up your wheelchair to perform various tests in our shop. You’ll be given a copy of your signed pickup ticket and sales order number to help you keep track of the repair process and your wheelchair. Loaner wheelchairs may be available upon request on a first come, first serve basis. Please note loaners require a physician prescription and are limited in supply. Please contact our repair center for more details.

Manufacturer Quote:

If any parts need to be special ordered, our skilled repair technicians will use the results from the diagnostic report to select the exact parts needed to repair your wheelchair. We’ll then submit a list of these parts to the wheelchair manufacturer to obtain a price quote.

Insurance Authorization:

Most insurances require us to obtain prior authorization before we can complete any repairs even if you already have an Rx from your doctor. For these payers we submit the diagnostic report, price quote, Rx, and any other documentation required by your insurance provider as a Prior Authorization Request (PAR). This step is a common cause of delay in the process as your insurance provider may ask for additional information or may deny the request. Resolving these problems may take some time but we promise to fight for you! In most cases, a denial is only a temporary obstacle to overcome! 


Your PAR has been approved! Once we have insurance authorization, we order your parts. If you have a copay, we will contact you to inform you of your copay amount and discuss the different payment methods available. Receiving all your parts can take 1-4 weeks depending upon the number of different manufactures involved. More complex repairs may require components from multiple manufacturers.  

Delivery & Installation:

Once we receive all the parts from the manufacturer, our scheduling staff will contact you to schedule delivery. Our delivery technician will arrive at your home, install the new parts, test your equipment to make sure it’s in good working order, and make any adjustments. If we picked up your chair on our previous visit, we will have already performed the repairs and tested your power wheelchair in our shop. At delivery you’ll be back on the move, just like that!