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Our Philosophy

We Go the Extra Mile to Help Our Clients Overcome Difficult Funding Road Blocks 

Obtaining insurance coverage for your medical equipment is rife with obstacles, frustrations, and road blocks. For those in need of a mobility solution, waiting for your doctor’s office to provide the right medical documentation for your power wheelchair can feel overwhelming. And once the documentation is obtained and a prior authorization request (PAR) is submitted to your health plan, why does it take so long for the PAR to be granted?

In our unique position between both our clients and their health plans, we feel your frustration, while we also see the pressure insurance providers are under. With millions of their members in need, their daily struggle is to provide access to better care while avoiding over utilization due to budgetary constraints; and all while trying to comply with new state and federal regulations. Many times this leads to confusing documentation requirements that unfortunately makes obtaining insurance coverage for your equipment that much more difficult.

The insurance process can be a very complex and difficult world to navigate. Denials are common if the mobility provider submitting your request doesn't know your insurance provider's coverage criteria. Once a payer denies a PAR, it’s usually very difficult to get a denial overturned without a lengthy appeal process. That’s why it’s so important to choose an experienced company who specializes in Complex Rehabilitative mobility equipment, and who knows your payer's documentation requirements inside and out. 

Freedom Mobility is contracted with over 50 health plans. Our staff has extensive insurance processing and billing experience; and we know how to navigate the insurance world's confusing and complex coverage criteria. Every client is assigned a “personal” case manager and prior authorization specialist who will walk you through the entire process and handle all of the insurance paperwork for you. If your insurance provider denies your PAR and you disagree with the decision, we also have a dedicated team who specializes in appeals and grievances to help you plead your case.

With every client we go the extra mile to help you overcome difficult funding roadblocks because we see the fundamental value of every individual in need. And with your patience during this complex journey, we focus on the goal, not the road blocks. Because to us, the moment we take on your case, you're not just a client; you're a member of our Freedom Family.