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Murphy's Process

No Matter the Obstacle, We'll Overcome it Together!

Requesting documentation from overworked doctor’s offices, appealing technical insurance denials only to have a fresh denial crop up after months of work, there are days in our business when Murphy’s Law, “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong,” rings all too true. Coordinating shipping on back-ordered parts from a dozen different manufacturers, working with you when a sudden change in your insurance throws your case off track; every day brings new challenges. Despite each new hurdle, we persevere for the good of our clients, heartened by the knowledge that our equipment will enable you to see more, do more, and live more.

From nurses and caregivers to ATPs and case managers, all the way up to insurance claims processors and administrators, this industry is built on the hard work of good people pushed to their limits. Some people look at Complex Rehab documentation requirements and run for the hills. We see an under-served population in need of our help.

No matter what the obstacle, Freedom Mobility is here to help overcome it! 

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