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For Referring Clinicians

Why Refer Your Patients to Freedom Mobility Center?

  • Electronic Referrals
  • Fast Response Times
  • Personal Case Manager Assigned to Every Patient
  • Insurance & DME Coding Consulting Services
  • RESNA Certified ATPs
  • In-Home Repair Service

To ensure your referrals are processed the same business day, our intake coordinators are trained to identify and process referral faxes as their highest priority. Our ethic of interconnected departments means that even a fax sent to the wrong department is routed to our intake specialists the moment it’s received. If additional information is needed, our over-the-phone interview style means an extraordinarily easy process for your patients. With translators at the ready and copious training and experience in communicating with caregivers and on-site nurses or social workers, to the point of doing in-home intake for patients without phone service, even severe communication issues won’t keep us from helping those in need.

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In addition to Complex Rehab Technology and mobility equipment, we also provide other Home Medical Equipment products, as well as full-service repairs and maintenance. Even if your patient received their power or manual wheelchair from another company, we can help them!

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Freedom Mobility Center: Your DME Advisor

While we are a proud outlet for your Complex Rehab and mobility equipment referral needs, we’re also a powerful resource for all things DME. Maybe you’re wondering about what types of durable medical equipment are covered under your patient’s health plan, or what documentation is required to qualify them for a complex rehab power wheelchair versus a standard power wheelchair? As is a rule with certain health plans, maybe your office is required to personally submit the prior authorization request to the insurance provider and you’re hoping for some advice on DME coding? We welcome you to contact us today and let us share our expertise in this complicated field. After all the documentation you’ve completed for your patients, all the orders you’ve signed at our request, it’s the least we can do!

How to Refer

Once you decide to move forward, how exactly do you refer your patient to us? For new equipment, we’ll need a face sheet, your written order (Rx), and progress notes (preferably from your patient’s last three office visits). For repairs, we need only a face sheet and your order.

Please submit e-Referral or fax orders to:
New Equipment Referrals: (510) 799-9930
Repair Referrals: (510) 722-2263

Interested in hearing more about our company? Contact Us!