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For Health Plans

Better Care. Better Health. Lower Cost.

State and federal funding cutbacks, mounting regulation, and social media maelstroms about unavoidable changes in policy. Though we’re on the outside looking in, we see the strain you’re under. As you go about evaluating new providers for contracting, especially when seeking an accredited Complex Rehabilitative Technology Supplier (CRTs), you’re looking for a company that is not only operationally streamlined but one that will also offer accurate cost-effective solutions for your members.

Freedom Mobility Center understands your unique challenges. We know that overutilization leads to wasted funds that could have been better spent on another member in need, while underutilization means cost are being shifted away from durable medical equipment only to increase costs elsewhere such as increased hospital visits and/or poor health outcomes. To systemize our commitment to cost avoidance and cost containment, we’ve spent years testing and adjusting our evaluation and documentation processes, as well as our training and diagnostic methods. And one step further, we recently enrolled in the FMA Outcomes Management Program led by the VGA group to track and quantify the cost savings we can provide insurance providers in the field of complex rehabilitative technology. To learn more about how this program can benefit your bottom line, scroll down to the "FMA Outcomes Tool" section below.

We’re in this boat together and Freedom Mobility Center is here to help make sure it stays afloat. Interested in discussing contracting? Contact us today! We are BOC Accredited, RESNA Certified, and Licensed by CMS Medicare and DHCS Medi-Cal.

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FMA Outcomes Tool

The ongoing contribution of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) to our industry is safer daily living for patients and cost-avoidance for health plans. By preventing unnecessary injury or exacerbation of an illness, a properly prescribed wheelchair saves health plans tens of thousands of dollars each year in avoidable primary care and emergency room visits. We know the value of DME in terms of cost-avoidance but we need a way to quantify and track its benefits.

That's the beauty of the Functional Mobility Assessment (FMA) Outcomes Tool. Developed by the Department of Rehabilitative Science and Technology at the University of Pittsburgh, the FMA is the only patient-centric scientific tool currently available to track the improvement of your member's mobility-related activities to daily living (MRADLs) after receiving equipment from Freedom Mobility. Your members provide initial details about themselves and their conditions as a baseline, and then add to this dataset by self-reporting their ability to complete their MRADLs using their new DME. To collect this data, phone surveys are conducted by the FMA team 21 days after delivery, 90 days, six months, one year, and every year thereafter until new DME is received. The FMA also tracks demographic and seating-related health information, such as the device, manufacturer, accessories, falls, transportation, hospitalizations, and development of skin breakdown.

With this valuable quality assurance tool, we finally have a way to quantify what we've known all along: accurately prescribed DME improves the lives of patients and saves health plans immense avoidable costs in the long run. Because of its rich uniform data set and longitudinal method of data collection, the FMA Outcomes Tool represents an irreplaceable resource for analyzing the health benefits of DME across the entire national stage. Freedom Mobility is elated to be able to provide this as a free service to you when you contract with us.