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Hydro Aire, Air Fluidized Bed (AFT)

Categories: Hospital Beds & Accessories, Wound Care, Rehab and Specialty Items

Manufacturer: Aurora

• AFT – the Gold Standard in surfaces for patients
with non-healing Stage 3 or 4 pressure ulcers on
the trunk or pelvis – is a proven, reliable solution
for home care.
• Utilization of AFT results in better outcomes
and allows agencies to reduce visits and increase
healing rates.
• The HydroAire represents the best in AFT:
Better fluidization, quieter, creates less heat –
the entire surface fluidizes.
• Suitable for mobile homes.
• Reduces electricity costs by 40% over previous unit.
• Dealer is a consistent provider of AFT to
Medicare patients.

Product Features for Model 3000
• Adjustable height enhances patient mobility
• Modular design for easy in-home installation
• Breatheable GoreTex® sheets
• Dual blower design provides redundancy
in event of blower failure
• Adjustable Fluidization
• 84” long x 39” wide; Height adjustable 26”–30”
• Variable heating temp 80º to 100º
• Remote Control to change parameters
• Bed Weight - empty 282 lbs.; w/ beads 1,122 lbs.
• Siderails are standard for safety
• Trapeze bar and stand available
• Works in conjunction with standard patient lifter
• Slant wedge available at varying angles
• Accessible blower assembly allows easier servicing

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