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Just what is an occupational therapist, anyway?

Posted on: April 26th, 2016 by FreedomHMEBlogger in Uncategorized -


So, you’ve had an accident, and the doctor has told you that you will need to see an occupational therapist in order to get back to where you used to be. But, what exactly does an occupational therapist do? And what should you expect during your sessions?

The basics of occupational therapy

An occupational therapist is there to re-teach you the skills you used to have before your accident or illness. Some of these include dressing, cooking and bathing. The eventual goal is to enable you to live more independently and not have to spend so much energy on everyday activities.

The progression of occupational therapy

The first thing the occupational therapist will do is try to teach you the smaller steps of whatever it is you need to re-learn. For example, they might start off with motions you need in order to open a can of coffee. From there, they will progress to actions that might be a little more complex or dangerous, such as cutting up vegetables.

Occupational therapy away from the office

Therapy of any kind often requires you to do some homework in order to progress, and occupational therapy is no different. Your occupational therapist may give you some exercises to do at home, such as repeating certain activities over and over until you rebuild muscle memory.

Occupational therapist as motivator

What many occupational therapists will tell you is that their favorite part of the job is motivating patients to push past their physical limits and achieve things they never thought would be possible. Your occupational therapist will be your coach, cheerleader and biggest fan throughout this process.

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